Heard about the lady down the road that makes those wonderful character birthday cakes? Or where to find the best cupcakes in Sydney? No?...then welcome to Sweetly. Our goal is to uncover the greatest tasting sweets and treats makers in your neighbourhood, available for you to buy and delivered to your door.

What we Believe

We believe in spreading joy through truly amazing and delicious treats. These have the power to turn ordinary occasions into unforgettable experiences.

We believe that sharing great food with your neighbours is the best way to build an inclusive community. Where we can learn to truly appreciate and celebrate all cultures and people by discovering the treasures each has to offer.

We believe cooks should be celebrated for the work they put into creating these amazing treats. We want to thank them by make cooking as fun, social and enjoyable as possible. Through our marketplace we also offer home-based bakers and chefs the ability to grow and expand their business.

Who we are

Sweetly was founded in 2015 with a goal is to make truly great food available to everyone, anywhere.